Sunday, March 25, 2007

All I Can Say Is...WOW

Thanks to any & all in my blog-reading family who attended last night's Irving Chorale concert. It was absolutely glorious. The children's chorus sang splendidly & were so well-behaved. Their teachers and parents should be exceedingly proud of them. I understand what kind of hard work it took for them to learn all of the music, and I am personally very proud of them for the spectacular job they did. The chorus was absolutely dead on and all but took my breath away with the concert closer "Danny Boy." The orchestra was also superb and were such terrific players to work with. Brad, as always, was fabulous. As for myself, I walked away from my own performance without being able to nit-pick anything...and for me, that's pretty amazing. I believe it's the best that Brad & I have ever sung that work. I only hope the recording reflects the feeling that the two of us had about our singing. It truly was glorious.

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