Saturday, February 24, 2007


It's always funny to me how a short week seems much longer than it actually is. I was so glad to finally get to the weekend. The beautiful and unseasonably warm weather we've had this week certainly didn't help the weekend get here any faster. Who can think of working when it's sunny & warm outside?! Makes me want to play hookie & do something fun. But alas, I was a good government employee.

Naturally, the weekend brings cleaning. My big project for the weekend is to get the mound of filing put away. I've been piling it up for...well, I'm actually ashamed to say how long I've been putting things in the to-be-filed pile. To say that it's a mountain is an understatement. Aside from the fact that the pile is driving me absolutely nuts and has been for quite a while, it's time to begin gathering stuff for the accountant to do our taxes. So there's a little more motivation to actually go through everything & get it where it goes. I hope I can find everything I've been on the hunt for as Derek has been "helpful" in hiding the filing, which means it's scattered from hither to yon.

Couple of side bars.
  • The family cat had to be put down this week. Callie was at least 17 years old. Though none of us can actually remember when she was born, we know that it was before Coco who was born in 1990. She was the sweetest cat, a typical loving calico...always at the door to greet you...loved to leave "offerings" at the back door...loved on you at every opportunity. She developed a tumor that slowly began taking its toll on her. We decided it was time to say goodbye and relieve her suffering. Though we'll all miss her, she lived a good, long life.
  • My grandfather, who has Parkinson's and has been in a nursing home the last several years, has developed another Parkinson's-related complication. He has been seeing the speech therapist but hasn't been the most cooperative patient. Naturally, this latest development is tough on the family.
  • On an upbeat note, my dad had his four-week post-op check-up this last week. The doctor was exceedingly pleased with his progress and thought dad would have a better range of motion in this knee than the other one. Dad has another four weeks of physical therapy to continue strengthening the knee and surrounding musculature. He can return to work as tolerated.

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