Saturday, February 17, 2007

An Update

It's been a while since I gave an update on my uncle Gregg, who has the stomach tumor. This week he had a follow-up appointment at MD Andersen and got a great report. In fact, here it straight from my aunt:

We got back from Houston last Tues. Sorry it has taken me a week to update all of you on his progress. The doctors say that everything looks good and his disease has stabilized enough now for surgery. The progress of the shrinkage has slowed alot. We were told that tumors as large as his would only shrink so much then stop. We are almost at the stopping point. They have scheduled surgery for the first week of May. Gregg is very nervous and somewhat depressed. He was really hoping that he would not have to have the surgery at all. It is my hope and belief that after he has the surgery, the medication will take care of anything they are not able to get. He will go back on the Gleevec as soon as he is able to eat again after surgery. Please keep up in your prayers. We will be having a wedding for Cheryl and Alex late in April then head to Houston on May 1.
Thanks for your prayers,

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