Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday, Monday

Wait, is that a song? If so, any legal eagle looking for a reason to sue someone over misuse of lyrics can just pass me by. I swear I'm not trying to rip off some poor, starving songwriter. It just seemed an appropriate phrase to address my Monday doldrums.

Anyway, I digress. Had a nice weekend. I'm not sure I was as productive as I set out to be. I did manage to get all of the laundry done. Considering how far behind I was, that was an accomplishment. Once it's all put away, it really will be finished & I really will be caught up. I helped Derek catch up on the dishes. You see, in our household, that's one of his jobs. But he's been busy this last week, and since I had the time on Friday, I tackled the task of the mounding dishes in the sink...on the cabinet...on the other cabinet. Well, they were spreading, to say the least. Anyway, the kitchen is all tidied up too. That in itself makes the house feel clean to me. Wonder why that is?

I also caught up on all the long lost episodes of my favorite shows on the DVR, and they've all been erased. (So my dear husband can quit riding my hiney about how much space my shows are taking up on the DVR! Not that that aggravates me or anything.) What about Grey's? Anyone watching? Man, it's getting good! Can't wait for the next two episodes in the 3-parter. Will George & Callie make it? Will Yang really follow through with Burke? Will Meredith reconsider her answer to Derek's question? Can't wait to find out!

I wish I could tell you that I was a good singer & spent hours & hours in the practice room this weekend. Uh. Hmm, I'll get right on that. Seriously, I have to do that. I'm supposed to have two pieces memorized for my lesson tomorrow. Ha, probably not! But I'll shoot for the Argento piece. It's actually do-able, particularly since it's in English. And I have until Thursday to crack down on the Rutter.

I did finally get tires for my car & got it inspected. Ouch. I don't know about you, but plunking down $500 on four new tires isn't exactly my idea of a fun time. But now all three cars are back in working order. (Once dad came & charged my battery on Sunday)

Mom & dad came over Sunday afternoon. Mom & I enjoyed an afternoon of scrapbook shopping. One of my goals for the year is to get my travel album up-to-date. So I've started with the most recent trip & am working backwards (b/c I have journals for all but that one). We made major progress yesterday. There won't be much left to buy once I get everything assembled. How exciting to almost have the New York stuff done! Dad stayed home with Derek. Not really sure what they tortured each other with. Derek & the neighbor were playing video games when we left, and they were watching the Military Channel when we got back. Big YAWN! Then we had dinner & visited for a while.

For those of you wondering (since I haven't mentioned it in a while), dad's doing great. He's going to physical therapy three times a week and seems to progressing really well. He's about where he was last time in the recovery process. He still has a little wobble, for lack of a better word. But the knee is still a little stiff, particularly if he sits for a while. But that should get better as all of the muscles begin to recover & he continues to gain range of motion. I think he enjoyed the trip out of the house, even if it was only a transferrance to another recliner.

I'm home alone for the rest of the week. Derek will be in San Diego manning the Stryker booth at Academy. Works out since I'll be singing the rest of the week.

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Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Hope your days alone are a bit refreshing and not too lonely. Sometimes that can be nice.

There is a Hoops & Yo Yo card about Monday that absolutely cracks me up.