Monday, February 05, 2007

Interesting Monday

Well, all in all, this has turned out to be quite the interesting Monday. The day began and ended with bus issues. This morning, there was a fatality accident blocking the HOV lane. Since today was the first day of a driver change for DART, we had a new driver for our morning route who didn't know he could divert to avoid the traffic. It took almost an hour and a half to get to work. Very unusual. This afternoon, two buses were no-shows. The first bus to pass my stop was more than thirty minutes late, and it was already full even though I was only halfway along the route. Thankfully, some nice folks who usually ride drove today & picked me up, along with several others, and took us to the park-n-ride. But I had to postpone a voice lesson as a result.

On a different note, we finally have all of our new furniture and have gotten everything rearranged. Here are a few photos, since I promised them & some of you may actually be interested (like my family).

The new entertainment center for the big screen

The old entertainment center in a new home

The new chair

A view of the formals with the new set-up

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