Thursday, January 18, 2007

Winter Chill

The winter chill is still here & expected to hang around most of the weekend. We're under an ice storm warning until late tomorrow--or is it Sunday now? Anyway, they're anticipating freezing rain & sleet sometime tomorrow.

This morning, however, we awoke to mostly clear roadways. That was a welcomed surprise. A big hoorah to the TXDOT, city, and county crews who worked early into the morning covering bridges, ramps, and overpasses with sand and de-icing materials. That made the morning commute a breeze for everyone.

I'm supposed to sit with dad tomorrow so mom can work at least one day this week. She was supposed to go to work today. But with the inclement weather headed her direction in the late afternoon, she was debating whether to overnight again in Paris and take a fourth day from work. Haven't talked to her since midday yesterday. So I'm not sure what she decided to do. If dad gets dismissed tomorrow, she likely won't go to work anyway. But I know she'll appreciate a homecooked meal & a clean house. So I hope to be able to do those two things before they arrive home tomorrow. This is all assuming either one of us can get where we're going.

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