Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Old Man Winter

Well, the weather forecasters were foiled again. No one anticipated the deep freeze that blew in overnight. In fact, a few days ago, they forecasted temps in the 40s today. It hasn't gotten out of the upper 20s. And we awoke to freezing and/or floating precipitation, which in Rowlett translated to sleet most of the morning but amounted to snow west of downtown. Streets in the neighborhood looked like this early this morning:

If the streets in my neighborhood look like this, you can only imagine what the bridges and overpasses looked like. (Though I wouldn't know b/c I wasn't stupid enough to get out.)

Now that traffic has driven through, the neighborhood looks like this:

I would say that's an improvement. Most of the major roadways have also thawed. But the bridges and overpasses are still covered in ice. And with temperatures still not above freezing, that's not expected to change.

I didn't have to get out today. My office, for all intents and purposes, was closed today. My guess for tomorrow is that we'll likely be open, though we may be delayed if road conditions do not improve overnight. For the most part, it's stopped precipitating and it's not supposed to do much more today or tonight. Then again, the forecasters were way off on this storm, so I'm a little hesitant to believe them. Just have to wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Today, I've taken advantage of being home. Have all of the house cleaning done. Yeah! I can now enjoy the rest of the free day.

On another note, mom called this morning and said dad is doing great. He was already clean, dressed, and sitting in a chair when she got to the hospital. He hasn't had morphine since last night--just oral pain meds. And he's now on the CPM machine. Looks like he's still clicking along for a Friday dismissal.

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