Monday, January 08, 2007


Had a nice weekend, albeit kinda busy. Saw one of my theatre friends who is currently abroad with the military. Had a nice visit & people-watching jaunt at North Park. Funny how you can pick up where you left off with some of your they never left. Only have two like that. Kinda scary to think they know me that well.

Anywho. Also enjoyed celebrating my sister-in-law's birthday. She and David had people over. So it was like a housewarming & birthday party all rolled into one. They have a lovely house. And it was great to get to meet some of David's coworkers. You can tell they're a great team & really enjoy working for DPS.

Bought furniture this weekend. I finally caved. Derek's new big screen is moving from the office/game room to the family room. It's been my rule not to have a tv at the center of the house (i.e. the center of attention). But we found a great piece of furniture that will disguise the tv so it's not screaming at you when you walk in. So in a few weeks, we'll be doing the great rearrangement. Current tv & armoire are moving to the formal living room, where I'll also be getting a new oversized chair. And the new armoire will house the big screen & all its junk (i.e. game systems, etc.) next to the fireplace. I'll post pictures when it's all said & done.

Things in the singing department have been quiet since Christmas. That was intentional. I needed time to recover. Now things are getting back into full swing. Got a call from the Presby church to come sing some this month. Have to coordinate & see if that works out. Also have the opportunity to sign on as a paid singer at another church, but until that's official, I won't say much more. Have a company audition this Saturday for a local theatre. Worked on audition pieces today. The theatre's doing some great stuff in the next six months. So I've jumped off the fence & decided it's worth it to join the company if asked. We'll see how that goes.

Got started on part of the resolutions for this year. Ordered drawer organizers for the kitchen. I hate not being able to find things in the utensil drawers!

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