Friday, January 12, 2007

Long Weekend

Whew, I was busier than I wanted to be this week. Had a voice lesson on Monday, where I prepared for tomorrow's audition at RCT. Had a board meeting on Tuesday at which I discussed my duties as webmaster for the group. Made dinner for the neighbors last night. Supposed to have gone to the Safari Club dinner & auction tonight, but the weather keeps us in & eating leftovers. Actually, that's okay since I need rest for tomorrow's audition. Tomorrow's busy with the audition & then the opera. Sunday's church. And I'm supposed to visit the Pikes sometime in the late afternoon/early evening. Somewhere in all of this, I need to get the Christmas decorations down, especially since I just got a call that the chair I ordered for the formal living room will be delivered on Monday. Naturally, the chair is supposed to go precisely where the Christmas tree currently stands. But the delivery date couldn't be more perfect since I'll be home on a work holiday. What am I doing writing this post? I need to get busy!

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