Saturday, January 20, 2007

It's Raining, It's Pouring

This has certainly been an interesting week for weather. It's still cold (maybe in the 40s??) but not cold enough for any of the rain to freeze. And quite frankly, I'm glad b/c I've gotten some much-needed errands run. Woke up early w/ the dog today, so I headed off the grocery store to beat the Saturday crowd. Now I'm getting some scrapbook gifts finished up since I'm going to see the two recipients in the next few days. Derek's in San Diego at Stryker's National Sales meeting so this is the perfect opportunity to get those books done. Who cares how long I'm holed up in the scrap room, right?! Dori is enjoying it b/c she can snuggle in on her bed & still be with me. And I'm even double-tasking by listening to tracks for some upcoming projects. Meanwhile, the rain continues to fall as it has been all weekend. With such perfect weather, I just might have to take a break for a nap.

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