Monday, December 11, 2006

T Minus 14

The speed at which the days flip on my calendar seems to be increasing at record pace. 'Tis the season for lots of reminders from the Palm. This weekend was no exception. I attended a rehearsal, went to dinner and the opera, sang at church, sang a concert, wrapped gifts, did laundry, and finished up the Christmas shopping, in no particular order. Whew, I need a weekend from my weekend. The next few weeks leave little time for rest, so I'll take advantage of what little respites that come my way. Like tonight, for instance, I'm making a cake and wrapping gifts all in the comfort of my living room--one night this week when I don't have to venture out. The outdoor lights should go up this week, too. It was too cold this weekend for this little task. So I have lights and clips to find and organize and shrubs to prune all in preparation for the house lighting. The table centerpiece is on order, so I'll be assembling that when it arrives. And there's still the little issue of settling the arrangements for our family Christmas gathering. I thought we had it together until last night when plans were announced and all was not love and hugs in my household. This little verse from today's calendar seems befitting:

Each and every one of us is deserving of a kind word, a gentle thought, and the gift of understanding.

Perhaps there will be more kind words, gentle thoughts, and understanding at home today. If we avoid the subject altogether, that could be guaranteed. However, at some point, a discussion must be had and a decision must be made. For today, I'll settle for peace and quiet.

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