Sunday, December 31, 2006

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday, daddy! Hope you have a terrific day!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas, one and all

To all of our friends and family we cannot see, a very Merry Christmas! We enjoyed a very busy weekend visiting with everyone. Saturday I drove to Sulphur Springs to see my mom's side of the family. Got to see my twin cousins whom I hadn't seen in at least eight months or so. They're now busy fifteen-month-olds and cute as buttons. Sunday was a marathon of church services and a day I hope never to repeat. Never again will I think singing five services is a good idea! I was both physically and vocally exhausted by the time I finished the fifth service. But all in all, the music was beautiful and I felt I contributed in some small way in making someone else's Christmas Eve extra special, and in the end, that's the most important. Today we got to see the parents. We had lunch with my family and an afternoon get-together with Derek's parents. In theory, tomorrow is a much-needed rest for the weary. But Derek will be working and I will be attending a funeral. So instead, we'll get an evening of much-needed vegetation in front of the "bube tube," as Granny calls it.

Saturday, December 23, 2006


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Brief explanation:
Derek works for Stryker Orthopedics in the trauma division as a sales rep. This is the first full year Derek has been a rep. He set two goals in Jan. 06: 1) to make his number and 2) to sell at least $100,000 in product in a month. As of today, he has met both of his goals. In short, he blew those goals out of the water.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

T Minus 5

Is it just me or does it just not seem possible that Christmas is only five days away? Given the fact that it was 80 degrees here in Dallas just a few days ago, it really doesn't feel like Christmas either. But thankfully some cooler weather has blown in, along with some much-needed rain, and it will be winter-like by the time Christmas arrives. We might even get some white stuff...but I'm not counting any chickens just yet.

Well, we survived last week. It was busy, to say the least. This week is no better really. With only five days to get my house in order, I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get everything done. Did part of the grocery shopping last night. Finished up all but two of the gifts that needed wrapping. Still lack a trip to Sam's and a trip to the post office for stamps. And then it will be time to settle in to get the house clean & the table set. Have two rehearsals and a church service to sing tonight. Have a family Christmas dinner to attend on Saturday. Have five services to sing on Christmas Eve. And then it will be time for the Christmas Day marathon--lunch at our house with my family & dinner across town with the in-laws.

And in 11 days...we'll know for sure if Derek made his year-end sales number. We're relatively certain he's already made the magic monthly number to put him over the top for the year, but the reporting system is slow. If he makes it, there will be a big, flashy post not to mention a big party at our house!!!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

What a Week

Ever wish you could have lived a week under a rock? Yeah, this was one of those weeks. Started out with a big foohrah about Christmas and ended with a hospital visit. So Monday Derek and I had a big "discussion" about where we're having Christmas and when. Ultimately, I think we have it all figured out. Can't speak for everyone about whether they're happy with the arrangements, but I'm just glad to have everything sorted out. Wednesday we had a major flood at work. A large pipe on the floor above us ruptured and poured hundreds of gallons of water through the ceiling. Our network room experienced the brunt of the flooding. We spent half a day trying to save things from the water. While we lost a lot of equipment, thankfully the major loss was network hubs rather than network drives. Surprisingly, we were back online the next business day thanks to our amazing computer guru who stayed here until 5 a.m. replacing and rewiring. And yesterday, after David & Olga closed on their new house, they spent the rest of the evening in the emergency room. Olga had severe abdominal pain, which they thought was appendicitis. After several tests, the doctors determined it wasn't appendicitis but aren't really sure what is/was causing the pain. She's supposed to see her primary care today and possibly a GI doctor. Tonight I have to finish a long-overdue project for someone at work, pay some bills, do some house cleaning, get some gifts wrapped, and make shopping lists. Tomorrow we have Derek's company Christmas party at the Omni Mandalay in Las Colinas and Sunday I sing the program at John Calvin and maybe have a holiday gathering with the neighbors. Whew, what a week!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Need Mozart?

You might find this article interesting.

Monday, December 11, 2006

T Minus 14

The speed at which the days flip on my calendar seems to be increasing at record pace. 'Tis the season for lots of reminders from the Palm. This weekend was no exception. I attended a rehearsal, went to dinner and the opera, sang at church, sang a concert, wrapped gifts, did laundry, and finished up the Christmas shopping, in no particular order. Whew, I need a weekend from my weekend. The next few weeks leave little time for rest, so I'll take advantage of what little respites that come my way. Like tonight, for instance, I'm making a cake and wrapping gifts all in the comfort of my living room--one night this week when I don't have to venture out. The outdoor lights should go up this week, too. It was too cold this weekend for this little task. So I have lights and clips to find and organize and shrubs to prune all in preparation for the house lighting. The table centerpiece is on order, so I'll be assembling that when it arrives. And there's still the little issue of settling the arrangements for our family Christmas gathering. I thought we had it together until last night when plans were announced and all was not love and hugs in my household. This little verse from today's calendar seems befitting:

Each and every one of us is deserving of a kind word, a gentle thought, and the gift of understanding.

Perhaps there will be more kind words, gentle thoughts, and understanding at home today. If we avoid the subject altogether, that could be guaranteed. However, at some point, a discussion must be had and a decision must be made. For today, I'll settle for peace and quiet.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Several Updates

I realized it's been quite a while since I've given updates on several prayer requests for family and friends.

My uncle, Gregg Hammargren, received an excellent report at his last appointment at MD Anderson. Thanks to the experimental drug Gleevic, the tumors in my uncle's abdomen have continued to shrink, and according to the doctors, the results are nothing short of miraculous. Surgery to remove the tumor has been delayed at least another two months to allow the Gleevic to continue to shrink the mass. The good news is that when the tumor is finally removed, Gregg will lose very little of his stomach. At this point, the attachment site is only about the size of a fifty-cent piece. The attachment to the liver is a bit more serious, but the doctors are hoping the extra time on Gleevic will allow them to perform total removal in one surgery rather than several. Please continue to pray for the Hammargren family as there is still a long road to recovery ahead.

My voice teacher's husband, Justin Tull, has received an excellent report from his doctors. After having several months of severe muscle pain and a brief stay in the hospital, the initial prognosis was quite grim. However, with extensive testing, his doctors were able to rule out bone cancer and have since come to discover the source of his extreme pain and fatigue is Lipitor. Having been off Lipitor for about a month, his symptoms have begun to subside and he is on the mend. Apparently, in some patients, Lipitor can cause serious life-threatening side effects. Thankfully, Justin did not wait too long and he is expected to make a full recovery. He is now on alternative medications for his cholesterol and is having great success with them and no side effects. Continue to pray for a full recovery.

Welcome Home, Truman

The long wait is finally over. Truman Borden Price was dismissed from the NICU at Baylor on Tuesday, December 5th. This will indeed be a very Merry Christmas for Ben, Kara, and Truman as they settle in to life as a normal family. May God continue to bless you as you grow!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Note to Self: About Oatmeal

If you allow your cooked oatmeal to get cold, the consistency does in fact resemble what you imagine in your mind snotty boogers would feel like if you ate them. *makes grimace as she finishes her bowl b/c it's that healthy stuff that's too expensive to throw out* GROSS! Recommendation: eat the oatmeal when it's hot & don't doddle about it!


Congratulations to Ross & Chrissy (Passons) Woodley on the birth of their daughter, Zoe Elizabeth. Zoe was born on December 5th at 5:23 p.m. She weighed 5 lbs 11 oz and is 18 1/4" long. Mom & Zoe are doing great, and dad is tickled pink!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Ixnay the Jingle Toys

They inevitably think the best time to play with them is in the middle of the night!

Irving Chorale Concert

Monday, December 04, 2006

Concert Opportunity

This Sunday, December 10th at 6 p.m. Lake Highlands United Methodist Church will present its annual holiday program "A Christmas Gathering of Voices and Instruments," featuring Rutter's Gloria and several holiday selections. The chorus of more than forty voices will be accompanied by brass ensemble and timpani. The concert is free. If you would like to attend the pre-concert dinner, reservations may be made by calling the church office (214-348-6600). Tickets are $7 for adults & $4 for children.

T minus 21 days

The countdown has begun. It's hard to believe Christmas is only 21 short days away (well, 20 if you get into all the hours & minutes & seconds). Are you ready?

This weekend, I really got into Christmas mode as I dragged out all the decorations & began putting everything in its place. The tree is trimmed, the mantle is festooned, and the stockings are hung. I'm not quite ready to call it quits. A trip to Michael's is definitely in order. The family Christmas is at our house after all. The exterior of the house, aside from the front door, is still bare, so this week's task is to make it twinkle (like the rest of the ho-ho-ho block). By the weekend, I should be just about ready to declare the decorating complete.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Survey says: BRRRRRRRR

Okay, the weathermen weren't kidding when they said it was going to get cold. Yesterday, it didn't get above freezing & it was windy as all get-out, meaning the windchill was in the teens. Today it's not any warmer & it's still breezy. For a girl who's perpetually cold even in the summer, it's like being in the tundra! But...(strike up the music) it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

It did precipitate yesterday as the forecasters predicted. In Rowlett, we mostly got a wintry mix of sleet, freezing drizzle, and snow. I stayed home yesterday--not because my office closed but because I was preparing for my evening event. Unfortunately, as the morning went on, the conditions in my area worsened and I made the difficult decision to call the people with whom I was booked to sing and cancelled my appearance. In the end, I think I made a good decision. The roadways were clear, but the bridges and overpasses were quite treacherous areawide by mid-afternoon.

So, I enjoyed a relatively quiet day at home with the dog, who is ecstatic that winter blew in and brought with it some white stuff. After quite the romp outside, she came in and took a long nap...curled up in her daddy's favorite chair in the gameroom. I did a little practicing and made a big pot of baked potato soup.

(Thinking mom's not looking, she crawled in & curled up for a long winter's nap.)

(Realizing she's been caught, Dori gives the "did I do something wrong" face.)