Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Not Forgotten

Contrary to popular belief, I really haven't forgotten about the ol' Foxhole. No, really. I haven't. Actually, I've been working on the post about New York. It's been in draft since last week. Haven't taken the time to get the pictures off the camera, so the post hasn't made it from draft to publish yet. Instead, I've been preparing the house for company.

The holiday season is a busy one. Now that David lives so close to me, it got a little busier. I volunteered to host Thanksgiving and Christmas at our house. I'm actually pretty excited about it. It does mean a little work for me--I actually have to decorate. And it means I have to put my house in order. But it also means we won't have to juggle schedules to make the drive home. Actually, part of the reason we're making a new tradition to have the parents come our way is that David and Derek both drew short straws this year--they have to work both holidays. (For David, this will likely be the case for several years until he gets a little seniority in his office.) Since their jobs require them to remain in the area, it just made sense to have everyone over to our house.

So this weekend I started getting ready--went grocery shopping and started cleaning house. I had fun buying table decorations--suitable for both occasions, of course. All that changes is the centerpiece and tableware. We decided on a Thanksgiving menu and divvied up who'll bring what. And we've also made our plans for our annual day-after-Thanksgiving early-morning shopping trip.

Throw in an evening at the opera and an evening concert and you understand why I didn't have time to finish up the long-promised post about our trip to the Big Apple. But it's coming. I promise.

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