Friday, October 13, 2006

Whoops...She Almost Did It Again

Each Friday, the Dallas Morning News posts its new Pet-of-the-Week candidates. You may remember that Dori was in the running more than a month ago & ultimately won. Earlier this week, I remembered that I hadn't checked for last week's entries. (While I don't always vote, I do like to look each week.) As I was scrolling down the list of potential candidates, I see a familiar face--Dori. Yep, she managed to make another appearance (and almost won again--who wouldn't vote for that cute face again?!). Naturally, this was a different picture (shown). I recall sending it after I thought the first picture had been rejected by the screeners as one not fit for the weekly stroll of candidates.

So, for those of you who also check the Pet-of-the-Week candidates each week, no, Dori's mommy was not trying to suggest that Dori is a diva and deserves more than one week's celebrity. Clearly the people at DMN don't get in a hurry to post photos & thus pet parents, like me, are led to believe their previous submissions have been rejected & thus send more, potentially cuter, photos of their beloved four-legged children. And because the people at DMN likewise do not check for duplicate entries--albeit with different photos--you may end up with cute critters who make the stroll more than once. So thanks to everyone who voted for her again; we're kinda glad the win went to the little dachsund.

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