Thursday, October 05, 2006

Busy October Weekends

While the weekdays are still pretty restful, my October weekends are anything but. I have two auditions in the next two weekends. This weekend, I'll be auditioning for The Winner at Lyric Stage. This piece is a world premiere, so I know very little about it aside from the basic plotline. I'm ignoring a birthday next week, though my friends and family will not let me. So throw birthday festivities in the mix. Next weekend is the annual audition for The Living Opera's upcoming season. The following weekend is the Chorale concert...and add my wedding anniversary in that weekend for fun. There are a few local theatre shows I would like to see with friends and several dinner dates to make. Like I said, the weekends are busy. But I'm glad to begin to get back to a schedule I recognize! (And that I feel well enough to do so)

I'm very nervous about both auditions but particularly the one this weekend. My voice teacher has been out of town the last two weeks. Thus, I have been all on my own to both choose and work up audition pieces. Needless to say, I've picked ones with which I'm pretty comfortable. Thankfully, she returns this weekend, so I'll have one lesson to work the two pieces I've chosen for next weekend's audition and I can work my solo piece for the Chorale concert.

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