Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A Big Fat Raspberry to Today

So what do you get when you add one to thirty? A big fat raspberry. Yesterday was great. Couldn't have asked for a better monumental birthday. Heard from lots of friends, some were even a surprise. Got gifts, flowers, balloons, a yard full of toilet paper, good food. Like I said, I can't complain. Got up today feelin' pretty good.


On the way to work, I got shmucked by a stupid teenager in a hurry to get to school who decided stop signs aren't really meant for stopping & heads aren't really meant for turning to look both ways. Thankfully, no one got hurt--at least, at this point, it seems like we're all in the clear. I may be sore tomorrow, but for now, I'm fine. So, afterward, I was feelin' pretty sorry for myself, right? Right, 30 + 1 = a really sucky day. But then I started thinkin' about the kid who hit me...and here's where the story begins--Reader's Digest version, of course.

I'm driving down the street minding my own business. Out of the corner of my eye, I see this white car coming at my driver's side door. I think, "wait, what's he doing there? He's supposed to stop. Why's he not stopping? He's gonna hit me. Oh crap...." (All of this taking place in a millisecond, of course) BAM...SCREECH...all quiet. "Am I okay? Nothing hurts. I think I'm fine. Time to get info. Stupid idiot." Get out of my car to go get insurance info. Walk up to the car & see that it's two teenagers. Great. They're not white either. Great. (No offense to anyone, but insurance statistics show that those most responsible for causing claims on uninsured motorist policies are not white.) I'm wondering whether they're going to have insurance when I ask for it. Yep, thankfully, they do. Take the card & go back to my car to copy down info. DPS officer happens upon the scene & stops to assist. Checks on us to be sure we're unhurt. Assesses damage. Asks questions. Helps us get pertinent info. At this point, we figure out that the kid has no driver's license. Not only that but he has no i.d. at all. He volunteers, "my dad doesn't know I drive the car to school." Bummer for you, he's gonna know now. "I have to call Rowlett PD before either of you can leave." They get there quickly. Get information from both of us. Kid gets ticketed for driving without a license. Plus, his car gets towed to impound because there's not a licensed driver who can remove it from the accident scene. The kid is still late for school & gets taken there by the cops.

So I chuckled all the way to work, that kid has to sit at school all day knowing that he's going to be in some serious trouble when he gets home. Not only was he driving the car without parental consent, but he hit someone & was at fault in the accident because he ran a stop sign, he got a ticket for driving without a license, and he's the reason the my-dad-doesn't-know-I-drive-it-to-school car got towed to impound. All in all, I would say this day cost him--and subsequently his parents--some serious cash.

Yep, maybe this day didn't suck so bad after all. At least I didn't have all that 'splainin to do!


maggie katzen said...

yeowch! Happy Birthday! hopefully you'll have better luck than my sister with cars. she was hit by a teen last month, finally got her new car and someone backed into it at the gas station last week.

sarahk said...

that kid probably got the crap beat out of him. so yeah, he might have had a worse day than you. :-)

happy birthday! sounds like your 30th was way better than mine.

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

I'm so sorry I missed your birthday! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!! A car accident is not a fun way to celebrate, but at least you were able to put it in perspective. Thank goodness they had insurance. :)