Saturday, October 21, 2006

Anniversary Reflections

It's hard to believe that six years ago today we said "I do." It's safe to say that we didn't believe everyone who said "marriage is hard work." But over the last six years, we've learned, as every couple does, that they were right--marriage is very hard work. As the years fly by, you realize that it's a lot harder to be that cute newlywed couple that everyone talked about. Romance often gives way to reality. There are days when you wonder why on earth you thought marriage was a good idea. Then there are other days when you wonder how you got so lucky to have such a wonderful spouse. I think this poem sums it up best:

You know we've been married a while
because we speak more of home repairs than romance.

When we talk about being hot,
it's usually something to do with the thermostat.

Candlelight means there's a power failure,
and a great night in bed usually means
we managed to get some good sleep.

But in the midst of the humdrum,
I catch a look at your eyes
and see the eyes of the one I fell in love with.
And in your voice, I still hear the whispers
of someone newly in love.
And in your hands, I feel the caress
that has always made me melt.

Life isn't always fun or exciting or wonderful...
but you always are.

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Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Congratulations on 6 fabulous years! May you have many, many more!