Tuesday, October 17, 2006

All's Well That Ends Well

Had my audition with The Living Opera on Sunday. Yep, I have a story. Ultimately decided to sing the Vivaldi "Alleluia" and Sondheim's "One More Kiss" from Follies. Since I knew I would sing the Sondheim piece and I was given the option to do so, I hired my own accompanist. It's such a crap shoot to go to an audition and depend on the hired gun. Most of the time, it works out alright, but I have those stories where it didn't. Anywho. On with the story.

So I start with the Vivaldi b/c I really want to do the best on the Sondheim piece. While the Vivaldi is showy in that it's all technique with the runs, the Sondheim really shows off the singer's ability to interpret and sing a very lyric line with lots of vocal control. If you know anything about the Baroque time period, you know that most of the pieces are AB sometimes ABA. Anyway, I got to the B section of the piece & completely forgot how it went. Ultimately, I repeat the A, which works for about two bars before it becomes plainly obvious that someone has screwed up. I stopped singing in hopes of recovering, but I suddenly didn't recognize the accompaniment at all. So I said, "I'm sorry. I'm going to have to stop." And then I turned to my accompanist to quickly choose a place to pick up. Ultimately, I recovered and sang the end of the piece flawlessly but I hate that I had to stop & start. I ended the audition beautifully. "One More Kiss" was absolutely flawless and was certainly well-received by the panel of judges. So...all's well that ends well.

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