Sunday, September 10, 2006


Very quick list of updates

My brother passed a big test this week. He's now officially down to his last week of trooper training before officially receiving his badge and service weapon. Congrats, bub, we're all so proud of you!!!

Truman Price is doing well. He's gaining weight, recovering from his latest surgery, getting to spend valuable snuggle time with mom and dad, breathing very well mostly on his own, and overall making terrific strides. We all hope this feisty fellow goes home sooner than anyone anticipates.

My twin cousins Ben and Sarah Logan and my second cousin Emma Guerrero all turn one year old today! Happy birthday, guys. (Where has the time gone???)

Sweeney Todd
is going exceedingly well. If you are able to come to the show, I cannot encourage you enough. It's going to be phenomenal! I managed to make it through half of yesterday's rehearsal. I'm very tired and sore today, but I have most of today to recover. I hope to go tonight, but yesterday was pretty tough. Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome back. I'm still hoping to sing the show on Tuesday.

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