Friday, September 01, 2006


Finally, the holiday weekend is here. I'm very much looking forward to it. This has been a very long week. Long rehearsals. Completely exhausted after each. Bad allergies. Ozone days. Migraine likely imminent. Lots of rest is in order for the weekend, well, in the sense that I plan to get more sleep. I still have lots to do--music to memorize, friends to see, etc. I have the house to myself, so theoretically I'll get everything done. Derek's gone to the ranch to play host for my brother's bachelor party. It's opening weekend of dove season, so just imagine a bunch of gun-toting boys celebrating the end of singledom.

In other news...A sad turn of events overnight for Truman Price. Yesterday, his parents had a conference meeting with the team of doctors on Truman's case. It seems that the little guy has suffered two major brain bleeds. Generally, these kinds of bleeds cause significant brain damage, though there really is no way of knowing just how severe until Truman grows older. Aside from this sad news, the doctors also reported that sepsis has set in as a result of his intestinal issues. Needless to say, little Truman is very sick and is still in need of your prayers. Please remember the entire Price family. This news has come as quite a blow.

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