Tuesday, August 01, 2006

R & R / Withdrawal

Kate closed Sunday. The show was a huge success. I had a great time doing the show. Met lots of terrific people (please stay in touch). Plus, it was a terrific learning experience and yet another ding on the resume. And it's now the second gig for which I've officially been paid. I just might make it yet!

Now comes theatre withdrawal. Since May, I've spent an average of 5 days a week in the theatre. With Kate, it was 7. Really, I'm gonna miss everyone. We had lots of good conversations on our down time. And it was nice to spend time with people with similar interests. But now, it's three weeks of rest before Sweeney Todd. I'm hoping to catch up with some girlfriends who I haven't been able to see b/c rehearsals/shows. And I'm sure Derek wouldn't mind seeing me some either.

Thanks for the memories, guys! See you in the next show!

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