Monday, August 14, 2006

One More Week

One more week until life gets crazy again. Got a call from GCT yesterday...asking me to come audition for Big River. Love to...but...then I proceeded to explain what my schedule looked like for September. Pretty much takes me out of the running for that. That's okay, Sweeney Todd's about to get started, then it's rush-rush to David's wedding, then it's crunch time to get the Mozart Requiem learned. Wouldn't say I'll be lacking for anything to do. Won't be seeing much of my friends for a while...sorry, guys.

Had a nice weekend. Managed to make most of the things we planned. Enjoyed a do-nothing Sunday afternoon. Love those. Still catching up on laundry. (How do two people have so much dirty laundry? I think there's a laundry duplicating fairy hiding in my closet.) Not too much on the plate this week or weekend...just enjoying the last week of nothing.

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