Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Close Race to the Finish

So currently, Dori is in second place in the DMN Pet of the Week contest. Have you voted yet? Thanks to all of you who have. Dori's pretty excited just to have so many people looking at her pretty picture. So she sends sniffs & licks your way. If you haven't voted, why the heck not?! Friday, I'll let you know the results. Meanwhile, tensions are high in the doghouse until then.


The Calvinator said...

I've posted to all my usual Net hangouts. Hopefully, the folks there will take the effort to vote.

The Calvinator said...

Okay, I think I've delivered about 8 votes. Maybe a few more will come in before the deadline. Best of Luck!

Susan said...

Thanks! Dori's back in the lead!