Friday, August 25, 2006

18 Days and Counting...

The countdown to d-day begins...or should I say p-day, as in, performance day. Finished the first week of rehearsals. Managed to cover everything in just 9 short hrs. That's a lot of music in a very short amount of time! Accomplished a lot, but there's still SO much to do. Definitely will require a lot of rehearsal on my own. Haven't even thought about memorization at this point. Just sing-songing the right notes is all I can handle at this point. I'm basically in meltdown mode.

Several other updates:
  • My brother got his territory and division assignments this week. He'll be in N. Texas. More specifically, he'll be based in the Terrell office. Live near there? Watch it, David will be on patrol!
  • My uncle, who is battling a rare form of abdominal cancer, received a good report at MD Anderson this week. The tumor has shrunk by 50% and surgery has been postponed another 3 mos. Doctors are hopeful the tumor will shrink by another 50% since this check-up and surgery might be minimally invasive.
  • Truman Price is doing well. He's gaining weight, beginning to process breast milk better, breathing better on his own, and all-in-all making huge strides in the direction of being a healthy, happy baby.

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The Calvinator said...

I know several of the Troopers who work in Terrell. It's a good group. I hope your brother enjoys it.