Sunday, August 27, 2006


When life is a little overwhelming, as it is for me right now, I sometimes find it comforting and relaxing to reflect on those things that bring me joy and peace. Since I greatly need a little decompression, I'll share a portion of my list with you as I reflect on it.

I love...

  • the sound of the wind in the pine trees
  • the smell of rain before a storm
  • the crash of waves upon the shore
  • the colors of sunsets in the fall
  • the sight of the moon as it rises
  • the soft twinkle of stars on a clear night
  • the pitter-patter of rain on a tin roof
  • to sit and watch the world go by
  • to walk barefoot on the beach
  • to dance cheek-to-cheek
  • to listen to sappy songs
  • to dress up for someone special
  • to take long bubble baths
  • to walk hand-in-hand
  • to go to parties where everyone spontaneously gathers round the piano to sing
  • to watch a chick flick I've seen a hundred times...and still cry at the end
  • to talk for hours on end about anything, everything, nothing at all
  • to sit in silence in the company of good friends
  • to work complicated puzzles
  • to run
  • to daydream
  • to wear pjs
  • to make lists
  • to be in charge
  • to be heard
  • to laugh
  • to sing

Friday, August 25, 2006

18 Days and Counting...

The countdown to d-day begins...or should I say p-day, as in, performance day. Finished the first week of rehearsals. Managed to cover everything in just 9 short hrs. That's a lot of music in a very short amount of time! Accomplished a lot, but there's still SO much to do. Definitely will require a lot of rehearsal on my own. Haven't even thought about memorization at this point. Just sing-songing the right notes is all I can handle at this point. I'm basically in meltdown mode.

Several other updates:
  • My brother got his territory and division assignments this week. He'll be in N. Texas. More specifically, he'll be based in the Terrell office. Live near there? Watch it, David will be on patrol!
  • My uncle, who is battling a rare form of abdominal cancer, received a good report at MD Anderson this week. The tumor has shrunk by 50% and surgery has been postponed another 3 mos. Doctors are hopeful the tumor will shrink by another 50% since this check-up and surgery might be minimally invasive.
  • Truman Price is doing well. He's gaining weight, beginning to process breast milk better, breathing better on his own, and all-in-all making huge strides in the direction of being a healthy, happy baby.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

And So It Begins...Again

Yesterday was the first rehearsal for Sweeney Todd. The music has trickled in via email over the last week or so. I knew it was going to be challenging, but I didn't really anticipate just how challenging. Sondheim writes very difficult, albeit very beautiful, music. And it's definitely not for the faint of heart or skill. Rehearsal went well...shorter than scheduled, which meant I got to bed the same day I left home. Found out it's preferred we're off book for performance. Given the volume of music, its difficulty, and the limited rehearsal time (just 3 weeks to show), this announcement raised my anxiety level significantly. Needless to say, every spare moment over the next several weeks will be spent buried in my music. Posts are likely to be sparse.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Sad Day for UMC

Rhymes H. Moncure Jr.: Methodist leader was people's bishop
07:26 AM CDT on Monday, August 21, 2006
By SAM HODGES / The Dallas Morning News

Rhymes H. Moncure Jr. quickly became known as a people's bishop, preferring hugs to handshakes, washing the feet of new pastors during ordination services and making time to visit families in crisis.

Bishop Moncure, the first black man to lead the United Methodist Church in North Texas, died Saturday night at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas, where he'd been since having surgery for a brain tumor on Aug. 7.

He was 61. Services are pending.

"We're all sort of devastated," said John Fiedler, pastor of the First United Methodist Church in Dallas. "If Bishop Moncure's arms had been long enough, he would have embraced the world. He had that sort of heart for people."

Methodist bishops are clergy who are elected by their jurisdictional conferences to provide executive and spiritual leadership to congregations in a given area.

Bishop Moncure, an Oakland, Calif., native, earned advanced ministry degrees and served as a parish pastor for 32 years before his election as bishop in 2000.

He was a bishop first in Nebraska, and then he was assigned two years ago to lead the 160,000-member North Texas Conference. He also served as a trustee of Southern Methodist University, and he was a director of the United Methodist Board of Global Ministries, chairing its Africa, Europe and Middle East Section.

Colleagues said he played down his distinction as the first black United Methodist bishop here, and instead ministered to all with unusual personal warmth.

"You would reach for his hand, and he would embrace you with a loving hug as an expression of his love of Christ in you," said Pastor Joe Pool of First United Methodist Church of Rockwall.
During Sunday services at Northaven United Methodist Church in North Dallas, one parishioner recalled how moved she was by seeing Bishop Moncure wash the feet of new pastors during the Annual Conference of Methodist clergy and laity in North Texas.

"That was a ritual he instituted here," said Joan LaBarr, communications director for the North Texas Conference. "He wanted to model true servanthood for them."

Though Bishop Moncure had considerable administrative duties supervising 325 congregations, he still responded to requests for pastoral care. One came earlier this year from Willie Tichenor, a 19-year-old from Highland Park who was dying of cancer.

His mother, Lisa Tichenor, had served with Bishop Moncure on a development board for Africa University, a United Methodist-related institution in Zimbabwe. Willie got to know the bishop well when they both had a role in a confirmation service and rally for sixth-graders held at Highland Park United Methodist Church.

Willie Tichenor died March 15. In February, he had come home from the University of Texas, having run out of treatment options.

"He woke up one night and said he felt very strongly that God had told him to have people pray with him and for him," Ms. Tichenor said. "He asked that Rhymes be one of those people. So Rhymes came to our house and sat with him and talked to him and prayed with him.

"He was still making house calls. He knew his friend needed him, so he came."
Bishop Moncure appeared to have come through his own health crisis with the Aug. 7 surgery. He emerged alert and able to communicate with his family. But bleeding and other complications soon made a second operation necessary. He never regained consciousness.

The United Methodists' Council of Bishops will choose a replacement for Bishop Moncure. They will likely act on a recommendation from bishops within the church's south central jurisdiction, which includes North Texas, said Stephen Drachler, executive director of public information for the United Methodist Church.

"They can name a retired bishop to fill the vacancy, or they can take an active bishop and add this area to that bishop's responsibility," Mr. Drachler said.

He would not predict how long the selection would take. Whoever is assigned will serve until 2008, the next scheduled election of bishops.

Bishop Moncure is survived by his wife, Jewell Moncure of Plano; a daughter, Roxanne Moncure of St. Louis; a son, Jason Moncure of Atlanta; a brother, Robert Moncure of St. Louis; and two grandsons.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Prayers for a Tiny Miracle

Meet Truman Borden Price. Born August 8, 2006, 4:38 a.m. Weighing 1 lb 4 oz. Proud parents Kara (Altenbaumer) and Ben. Truman is a micropremie--born at just 23 weeks gestation. In just one week of life, little Truman has been through a lot, but he has a long way to go before he can go home. ETD (estimated time of discharge) is early December. Over the next several months, please keep the Price family in your prayers. And if you would like to keep up with Truman's progress, you can do so by visiting his blog. A permalink will be provided in my links for future reference.

Monday, August 14, 2006

One More Week

One more week until life gets crazy again. Got a call from GCT yesterday...asking me to come audition for Big River. Love to...but...then I proceeded to explain what my schedule looked like for September. Pretty much takes me out of the running for that. That's okay, Sweeney Todd's about to get started, then it's rush-rush to David's wedding, then it's crunch time to get the Mozart Requiem learned. Wouldn't say I'll be lacking for anything to do. Won't be seeing much of my friends for a while...sorry, guys.

Had a nice weekend. Managed to make most of the things we planned. Enjoyed a do-nothing Sunday afternoon. Love those. Still catching up on laundry. (How do two people have so much dirty laundry? I think there's a laundry duplicating fairy hiding in my closet.) Not too much on the plate this week or weekend...just enjoying the last week of nothing.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Quiet to Busy

I thought it was going to be a quiet weekend--not much going on. That changed in a matter of 5 minutes. Had two parties to go to last nite, tho we only made one. My church choir director is leaving (sniff), so the choir threw a party. Had a nice time. Since I've been away all summer singing elsewhere, it was nice to catch up with everyone. And I think the director was sent off in grand style. Have to meet a girlfriend for lunch today and then have two parties to go to tonite too. My neighbor's having a pool party for his bday, so naturally we're going to that since they're practically family. My future sister-in-law is having her bachelorette party tonite, but since I've already agreed to be designated driver for the bday party, I won't be going. I was going to try to do both but decided against it. Have to be up early tomorrow to sing. Sunday's kinda quiet so maybe I'll get my house clean. But then next week is go-go-go until the weekend...then everyone's out-of-town so I'll get some me time. Then it's back to a marathon singing schedule.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Hi Five from Dori

Thank you to everyone who voted for Dori in the DMN Pet of the Week contest. She won by a landslide! You can see her here & send her postcard here.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Approaching the Finish

As of this afternoon, Dori's leading by 12 votes. Assuming no one stuffs the vote box overnite, it looks like we'll have successfully voted Dori Pet of the Week! Thanks to everyone who signed on & voted. I look forward to sending you her postcard.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Close Race to the Finish

So currently, Dori is in second place in the DMN Pet of the Week contest. Have you voted yet? Thanks to all of you who have. Dori's pretty excited just to have so many people looking at her pretty picture. So she sends sniffs & licks your way. If you haven't voted, why the heck not?! Friday, I'll let you know the results. Meanwhile, tensions are high in the doghouse until then.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Vote for Dori

Our sweet husky Dori is a featured pet on the Dallas Morning News' Pet of the Week contest. The pet with the most votes will be featured on an e-card. You can see all of the candidates & vote for the cutest one (i.e. Dori) by clicking here. Contest ends August 10th. Thanks for indulging a proud mom.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

R & R / Withdrawal

Kate closed Sunday. The show was a huge success. I had a great time doing the show. Met lots of terrific people (please stay in touch). Plus, it was a terrific learning experience and yet another ding on the resume. And it's now the second gig for which I've officially been paid. I just might make it yet!

Now comes theatre withdrawal. Since May, I've spent an average of 5 days a week in the theatre. With Kate, it was 7. Really, I'm gonna miss everyone. We had lots of good conversations on our down time. And it was nice to spend time with people with similar interests. But now, it's three weeks of rest before Sweeney Todd. I'm hoping to catch up with some girlfriends who I haven't been able to see b/c rehearsals/shows. And I'm sure Derek wouldn't mind seeing me some either.

Thanks for the memories, guys! See you in the next show!