Sunday, July 02, 2006

Vacation Catch-Up

Because I have a long weekend, I'm able to spend a lot more time catching up on things that I've neglected while being entrenched in music. So hang on for a long ride while I give you the Reader's Digest version of what's been going on in our family:

  • My brother is doing well at the DPS academy. In fact, he's number 10 out of 110 cadets. Go, David!
  • My brother and his girlfriend of 4 yrs are getting married in September, just one week after he graduates from the academy. Needless to say, September will be a busy month for my family.
  • My cousin Landon recently got married. We all really like Summer & hope that she learns how to fit into our crazy bunch.
  • Derek has had another record month with Stryker. He blew his March sales number out of the water. Year-to-date, he's about where he should be to make quota. Go, Derek!
  • Of all my girlhood friends, I'm officially the last hold-out for kids. Congrats to Jen & Chrissy who are each expecting in late November/early December and to my cousin-in-law Emmy who is expecting in late September. And congrats to all the others who've beat me to the punch in the last few years.
  • My dad officially re-entered the work force. After retiring from the State, he spent a few years catching up on his honey-do list. Now, he's working at the airport in Sulphur Springs. I'm not exactly sure what he's doing. I just know he's his boss's go-to guy. Now there's a surprise!
  • June has been a busy month for birthdays--Derek turned 30+ & David turned 24 & our friend Ben celebrated 30+. In the midst of all my singing, I managed to pull off a big party for Derek's birthday. We had about 30 people over for a fish fry. A great time was had by all.
  • One of my judges gave me tickets to see Le Mis at Dallas Summer Musicals. I took my college roommate, her mom, and my mom. We had a terrific time & it was so great to catch up.
  • My grandparents are doing pretty well. My grandfather is still in the nursing in home in SS. Parkinson's is really progressing, but he still knows everyone. So at least his memory remains. He's had a few rough falls over the last six months, but he's not broken anything for which we are very thankful. My grandmother is staying busy with volunteer work, which she is enjoying very much.
  • My cousin made a safe return from Iraq. Thank you to everyone who prayed for him & sent him words of encouragement. However, Derek's cousin shipped out and is currently running patrols thru the hot zones. So please add Isaac to your prayer list.
  • My uncle Gregg was recently diagnosed with a rare form of abdominal cancer. With his first round of experimental drugs, the doctors have been able to shrink the tumor. So they are very hopeful they will be able to shrink it enough to do surgery followed by chemo and/or radiation. Do keep the Hammargren family in your prayers.
  • Derek & I will be celebrating our fifth anniversary at our church this August. We're so thankful to have such a loving church family & a place of worship to call home.
As you can see, I've really neglected a lot of family news, and I'm sure there's even more that I've forgotten. But this will get you mostly up-to-date.

I'm very much enjoying the long 4th of July weekend. I was scheduled to be in the theatre all weekend, but thankfully the singers got a reprieve. Thus, I will be off for the entire holiday. I spent yesterday catching up on my house cleaning. The house was really neglected during the opera so it took quite a while to get it back in some semblance of order. My sweet husband did his best to keep things clean. But everything really needed a good once-over. With that out of the way, I can enjoy the remainder of the holiday catching up on rest & running around. In fact, tomorrow I'm going dress shopping with mom. So it will be a whole day of girl stuff. I think we're cooking out with the neighbors tomorrow & maybe enjoy some of the area fireworks shows. I hope to go to the library for a new book to read in which case I plan to spend Tuesday reading in my favorite chair.

I hope you all enjoy the holiday, as well. A little reflection upon how richly we are blessed is certainly in order. Can you imagine living in oppression as so many still do? It's really unfathomable. Thanks be to God for our freedom!

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