Wednesday, July 19, 2006

No Spring Chicken

So how do you know you're not as young as you once were? You stay up late & then pay the price...for days on end. And you know it's really bad when someone says, "you look tired." Great, is it really that obvious??? I remember when I used to pull BODs in college without blinking an eye then went to class all day the next day. I wonder now how I ever managed it & still made straight As.

Lots of late nights at the theatre these days, which means even later nights once I'm home trying to unwind. I don't know what it is about singing that winds me up tighter than a ten-day clock. But it takes at least an hour for me to even think about going to bed once I get home. And when you don't get enough gab time with your theatre friends at rehearsal, that means some extra time at home on myspace. Suddenly, you look up & it's way later than you thought. Still, I wouldn't trade that time.

So I've been on the fence the last few days about whether I might audition for Lyric's next show. I finally got off the fence & scheduled a time. I don't know much about the show they're doing. I just know that, if I make it, I'll be singing three shows back-to-back with no rest in between. At some point, I need to make enough money to quit my dayjob! But alas, that will be a while. Plus, I'm not vested. (Sigh.) I'll keep you posted on the audition.


The Calvinator said...

I didn't have the problem unwinding until Monday night. I've been up past 2 the past 2 nights.

Dragging *** today.

The Calvinator said...

BTW, what's a BOD?

Susan said...

Oh yeah, dragging doesn't even begin to cover it. I'm going home early today to take a nap & am taking off tomorrow & Friday. Then I can stay up & not pay the consequences. =)

BOD=break of dawn (you know, when you stay up past sunrise of the following day)

The Calvinator said...

I'll be taking off early Friday afternoon to try to catch a nap before Opening Night.