Friday, July 14, 2006

Kate Ensemble

One of my fellow cast members pointed out to me that I had said the guys in the ensemble are weak singers. So I'm going to give a little update on the singing since I haven't really commented on that since first rehearsal week. I did say the guys were weak, but let's face it, the guys are always weak in the beginning. I have to say that I've been very impressed with how quickly this group of guys has stepped up. They've picked up quicker than any group I've sung with previously. So kudos to you! The girls have been great from the beginning, but girls tend to be better readers so that was to be expected. We've really improved as well. Overall, the singing in this show is fabulous--from the bottom up. We open in a week, so come see us!!!


maggie katzen said...

i so would rather be a tenor. ;D

The Calvinator said...

Ouch! I guess I should be glad I didn't come to this blog before today.

The Calvinator said...

In hindsight though, I can see why you might have thought that in the first week. Some of the guys who have absolutely beautiful voices were kinda timid at the first singing rehearsal.

I'm rarely timid. I may hit a few clunker notes early on, but you'll hear me hit them, darn it!

The Calvinator said...

I am always amazed at how few singers know how to read music.

I guess all those years of band came in handy.