Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Well, That's a New One

Yesterday's audition went. I'm not really sure how well. Once again, I had an accompanist who couldn't play my music. I was really shocked at this b/c he only had to play "Out of My Dreams" and "Summertime." I mean, come on!!! But despite the horrendous accompaniment, I think I did alright on my two pieces. I began with OMD b/c it's a simple, straight-forward piece. Nothing too high or too low, so it's a good nerve-getter-outer. Then, they asked for parts of S. I sang the first few measures and then the end of the piece. Whew, fine despite having less air than usual--darn those ozone days! Then...came the vocalization. Warm-up guy says,

WUG: So I'd like to vocalize you now. Is that alright?
SF: Sure.
WUG: I see that your resume says you're a coloratura. Would it be alright if we did some appropriate exercises?
SF: {Gulp.} Sure. {I'll bet we're going to work runs. Deep breath.}
So WUG starts on the high B natural that I've just ended S with and asks for arpeggios up from there. I believe I sang a high G or so. I was so nervous. I had not warmed up appropriately for the exercises he had me sing. Generally, for those notes to be clear and relatively lovely, you need to do appropriate warm-ups, i.e. light exercises that go at least a whole step above where you intend to sing. So, I didn't feel that I did these as well as I could have. Plus, we were in a ballet rehearsal hall, so it was exceedingly live. So much so that I made my own ears ring & had to stop for a few seconds after one of the scales in order to be able to hear anything. I apologized profusely for my nerves when we were finished. I generally hold it together pretty well in auditions, but those vocal exercises really unnerved me. WUG was very complimentary & said he "heard everything [he] needed to hear." Today is the last day of auditions for them, so I hope to hear something by the end of the week. I'll keep you posted.

I also heard from Dallas Opera yesterday. At this point, I do not have a contract for any of their shows. The lady was very nice & said it remains possible that they might call at the last minute in the event of cancellations or conflicts. I won't hold my breath. Honestly, I'm glad to know one way or the other. I can now pursue other things, like Sweeney Todd a lot more seriously. I'm already planning my DO audition for next year. I hope to make a better impression.

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