Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sweeney Todd

I've been so consumed with the opera this week that I completely forgot to let all of you know that I heard from Lyric Stage--I'm singing Sweeney Todd in September! I still think that was the strangest audition ever, but I'm glad to know that my nerves didn't keep me out of the show. I'll be singing in the ensemble in this production, as well, and while I'm a little disappointed, it gets my foot in the door of yet another area theatre. So perhaps somewhere down the road, I'll start landing roles.

LS's Sweeney Todd will be a one-show concert production at the Meyerson Symphony Center in downtown Dallas. I've never sung a concert production of a musical, so this will be an interesting adventure. I'm supposed to get my score & further instructions sometime in late July. I can't wait!

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