Thursday, June 01, 2006

Rest Needed / Birthday

Who knew this role would be as tiring as it is. I am so glad I had today off. Surprisingly, I slept until 9:30, despite getting to bed at a relatively decent hour last night. Had lots of things to do today, so the extra rest was nice. If I am tired, I cannot imagine how the leads must feel. They must be exhausted! Then again, not all of them have day jobs. Still, becoming a character requires a lot of physical energy.

Today's coaching went really well. I'm doing much better than I thought I was. Though I've gotten several negative comments from the stage director, my coach felt I was making lots of progress and helped me tweak some things that might have led to the negative comments from the honcho. We'll see if those corrections will make a difference. Have much studying to do, but I feel greatly encouraged.

Had a great lesson today, as well. I'm beginning to prepare pieces for a joint recital with a mezzo in my studio. We looked at some duets today and talked more about the general theme and direction we wanted the recital to take. Think we made great strides in planning. I went over a few audition pieces since I'm planning to audition for Sweeney Todd in a week. I hope I can have those pieces ready by then. I do have some old standbys, just in case.

I actually took today off to spend time with my sweetie who is turning 32 today. We got up late, so we didn't get to share breakfast as we planned (though we were both appreciative of the extra rest). We did get to share lunch with Derek's mom, so that was very nice. Then we dashed off in opposite directions--he to work & I to rehearsals. So much for our day off together. But right now, we're planning to share a nice dinner--just the two of us.

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