Thursday, June 22, 2006

Opening Night

Well, it's finally here--opening night no. 1. To say the least, this has been an interesting week. Tech week is always stressful and always involves long rehearsals & late nights. But this week has been even more so.

Load in on Monday spelled the demolition of the set. Most of the pieces fell from a piece of loading equipment and shattered. This meant a total rethink on set pieces & how we would recover from such a disaster. In the end, I think we have a better set. We've gone minimalist, and really, I think it works 100 times better. But this re-set means that, even on opening night, nothing is yet concrete. We probably won't be finished tweaking until the weekend, perhaps even the last performance. It makes us all very nervous. Every day we've had new set pieces & configurations, so blocking has changed, entrances have changed. It's act-on-your-feet 101.

On top of all that, our orchestra is...well, not exactly up to snuff. They're missing notes, not following the conductor, and just altogether screwing us up in places. They are improving each rehearsal, but tonight is opening night! The harpsichord is a piece. It's next to impossible to hear no matter how close you are to it. This makes the recits very difficult b/c we end up with no tonal center. The conductor acknowledged that the harpsichord is a piece & he has someone coming to work on it today. So we hope that it actually makes it worth its weight.

While I'd like to think that a bad rehearsal makes an excellent performance, I'm petrified of this one. I'll let you know how it goes.

Wish me luck!

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