Friday, June 09, 2006

Falling Closets

So this has been an eventful week in our household, and my daily rehearsals don't count. Tuesday morning, we awoke to a closet in shambles. The "quality craftsmanship" in our almost-three-year-old home is astonishing. About six months ago, we noticed the shelving units in the master closet had begun pulling away from the wall, so we set about repairing them. To no one's surprise, the braces had not been screwed into the wall studs but had rather haphazardly been slapped on the wall with some itty-bitty screws & then affixed with a wing, a prayer, and lots of paint & caulk. We added screws, appropriately placed in the studs this time, in hopes of holding everything together for another year or so. All of those things finally gave way and everything on the top shelf and hanging on the rod was in the floor. Lovely. So the closet company that put in our garage storage came out, suggested a design, and gave a quote. The installation will occur in a few weeks (before & after photos then). Just what we wanted to do with our tax refund!

Also on Tuesday, Dori went to the vet. I've put off her overdue bordatella booster until her pet insurance was in place. Aside from needing her booster shot, the last several weeks her ears have been bothering her and finally got to the point where she wouldn't let us touch them. She's been sneezing & has had red, bloodshot eyes (like I do). All classic symptoms of allergies. So we were pretty sure the ears were probably related to the allergy symptoms. So she got a check-up on Tuesday, along with her booster shot. Her teeth really needed cleaning and she wouldn't let the vet get near her ears. So we scheduled her for a teeth cleaning on Thursday. While under anesthesia, they could check her ears & trim her toenails without her fussing. Her teeth are sparkling clean, and her ear is fine. There was lots of debris & wax in there but no infection or critter. So the vet deduced, as we did, that given her other symptoms the ear issues were related to nasal allergies. So she's now on antihistamines & has some ear drops to reduce the inflammation in her ears. We hope all is short-lived (i.e. seasonal). We'll know in a few months.

Aside from that, I have a reprieve from Figaro until Monday. But I have a Te Deum rehearsal on Saturday afternoon and pieces to polish for the Lyric Stage audition on Monday. I'm also going to pick up my Kiss Me, Kate score on Saturday. No rest for the weary...but I do get to go to bed early & sleep late. Whoo-hoo!

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