Monday, June 12, 2006

Another Audition

It was a nice weekend, albeit very hot and dry. I didn't have opera all weekend. Instead, I had to attend a rehearsal at church for a performance on Sunday. Surprisingly, the Haydn Te Deum went very well. I was a little skeptical after the last few rehearsals I had attended. I knew that I myself didn't know the music as well as I would have liked. But after Saturday's rehearsal, I felt better as things seemed to come together. Sunday went beautifully, and the congregation was very complimentary. They're sometimes difficult to please, particularly when we sing such "high church" music.

This afternoon I'm at home resting. I have an audition for Lyric Stage at 6 across town in Irving. I'm about to practice a little and then take a nap. I'll be going straight to opera rehearsal from there (for 7-11) so it will be a long night. I'm taking two of my good ol' standby pieces that I feel confident singing no matter how little time I've had to rehearse them. LS needs a large chorus for their production, so I feel confident that I will at least be able to land a chorus spot. I'll keep you posted.

Still no word from Dallas Opera. They're supposed to have mailed out all of the contracts by June 15th. I called and left a message last week, hoping to find out whether a contract would arrive in my mailbox. No return phone call yet. I'm going to try again this afternoon. I would really like to know before I hear anything from LS...DO is not a company to which you say no!

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