Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Undoing English

Another few rehearsals come & gone. Have a few days off...kind of. Tomorrow is Wednesday, so naturally, though I'm off for opera, I'll be singing at church. The choir is undertaking the Haydn Te Deum in a few weeks, so rehearsals are of utmost importance. Thursday, though I'm off for my day job, has turned out to be quite busy. I have another much-needed coaching session with our language coach. Then I have a voice lesson.

I'm so frustrated with my Italian. I feel like I've made progress speaking my lines, but singing them seems to thwart all progress. Mostly, it's diphthongs. Ahhhh, I hate the English language & its ever-invasive use of diphthongs! And being from Texas only exacerbates this problem. I also got a comment tonight that I'm not sure I understand. "You're making it too musical theatre-ish." I don't know if he meant my character, my lines, my actions, or what. Gonna have to ask my coach on Thursday & see if she has any insight into this latest criticism.

Found out I'll have an audition in a few weeks for a big musical theatre piece I've been dying to do. In September, Lyric Stage is doing a concert version of Sweeney Todd. I thought they would audition this summer, but I didn't anticipate it being this early. Have to choose & polish pieces this week.

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