Saturday, May 06, 2006

GSM Contract

Today's been a good day. Last night's storms were no match for my sleep deprivation or that of the critters - everyone in the house slept through.

I just got back from my mini-recital for ProMusica. It went very well. Everyone was complimentary of my program. I hope to be sponsored for membership or at least be asked back as a guest artist. The other artists were fabulous, as well - Evan, also from my voice studio, and the two high school players, a flutist and violinist. The two young artists truly wowed us all with their amazing playing!

Another bit of good news came from the mailbox - my Garland contract came. Yeah! I am a part of the ensemble, as I surmised. That's a relief, honestly, because I wasn't sure how I would have time to learn a role with all that is upcoming. There's still plenty to learn though - like dance moves. Still not sure of pay, if any, but it's closer to home. So even if it's gratis, I'm making money by saving on gas!

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