Saturday, May 20, 2006

First Rehearsal

Today was the first rehearsal for Figaro. I think it went very well. This half of the cast (several roles are double cast) seems very nice, friendly, and definitely complimentary of one another. I have a few things to work on --namely, a little issue with pronunciation of a particular consonant--before the next cast rehearsal on Monday with the second half of the cast. I know several of them already, so I know it will be equally as pleasant to work with this group.

I'm a little nervous about the first staging rehearsal the end of next week. Combining words and movement is always a challenge. Often, the words go as quickly as they came. But I've diligently been studying my character and think I have her under my belt. So I hope this does not happen, though I know I will be in good company as I'm sure every cast member will experience this at some point during staging.

While I should clean house today, I'm planning to rest the remainder of the afternoon. Cleaning can wait!

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