Monday, April 03, 2006


Well, the audition went. I think it went alright. I actually don't know what to think about it. Read on.

All singers had to prepare three pieces for the audition, as well as sightread. In case I haven't already mentioned it, I took Bester Jüngling, Batti Batti, and I Love All Graceful Things. I sang for the chorus master and general director of the opera company.

I introduced myself and my two pieces of choice (Batti and Bester, in that order). The general director said, "Let's start with the Batti, Batti." This was somewhat of a relief since I wanted to work out my nerves on the easier piece. When I got finished, both thanked me and said that would be all. No sightreading or request for a second piece. I was a little baffled that I only had to sing one piece and didn't have to sightread. And I really wanted to sing Bester Jüngling since it shows off my best abilities.

So that's why I say I'm not sure what to think of the audition. I'm hoping that I did well enough that an additional piece and sightreading was not required. They knew from that piece whether I was company material. I certainly felt like I did alright on the piece, despite a little flub on the words in one place. My two friends who were listening said I did a great job, and they're honest gals.

So now...I wait. It could be a few months before I hear anything. I'll keep you posted.


Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Good luck, Sus! I hope they accept you (they'd be silly not to) :) I'm really proud of you for pursuing your singing with such determination and energy.

Susan said...

Thanks. I am anxious to hear something, but I won't be crushed if I don't get accepted. There's always next year! And there are many more opportunities to sing in DFW.