Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Waiting Game

I'm almost finished with the long string of auditions. Yesterday was my Into the Woods audition. I wish I could say that I feel I knocked their socks off, but unfortunately, I didn't feel that confident leaving the audition.

We were required to bring two prepared pieces, one of which had to be a Sondheim. I chose "Out of My Dreams" and "One More Kiss" (which met the Sondheim requirement). Because they had to hear 250 singers yesterday, they limited the audition to just 16 bars. So they asked us to choose our strongest piece. I chose "One More Kiss" because it shows off the best parts of my registers. Sadly, while I feel I did alright, my accompanist butchered the piano part.

Understand something very important--I'm not usually critical of audition accompanists. I know that I am not capable of sightreading the music they must see. However, in this instance, it was no surprise that Sondheim pieces would make appearances, and none of these would prove to be easy to play. That being said, if you were conducting the auditions, would you not make certain your paid accompanist was proficient enough at sightreading so as not to completely butcher a Sondheim piece? Would you not make certain that your accompanist could play any Sondheim presented? If it were me, the answer to each would be a resounding YES!

Sadly, this was not the case for me. It was so terrible, in fact, that I didn't even recognize the accompaniment part that I've heard played a zillion times in lessons and rehearsals. I may be a confident singer, not easily flustered by screw ups by accompanists, but this went too far. I was instructed to sing an important key change in this piece, and I'm certain that the panel wanted to hear how competently I could make the key change. I stopped singing at the key change...that's how WRONG it was. I couldn't find my next note because the chords being played were not right...SO not right. They weren't even on the page!!

I think my panel is astute enough to realize the accompaniment was completely the point it compromised my audition. I hope I get called back despite the missed keychange and clearly unsolid audition. I really am a competent singer.

It's frustrating when things beyond your control affect your audition. This was definitely one of those times. Now...I wait. Callbacks are Tuesday.

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