Sunday, April 23, 2006

Early Fruits of Garden Labor

Part of my weekend of fun included getting new plants for the backyard garden. Last weekend, I purchased and potted some summer annuals, including periwinkles a/k/a vinca major, wave petunias, and salvia. But I decided that I wanted to buy some perennials to put in the ground in hopes of having as much luck as I have with reseeding herbs & some lantana from several years ago. I decided on two shrubs - a hardy hibiscus and a Texas Star rose - and new lantana. If all goes well, I'll post photos of the garden throughout the season.

As a little preview, my new hibiscus graced me with several blossoms this morning. Aren't they lovely??

This is a new variety of lantana that I found - 'Pink Caprice.' It may have been around last summer, but I missed it. I have a pink theme in my flower garden this year. Lantana is perfect butterfly food.

Dori wanted me to tell you that she helped. She was very diligent in carrying off all of the weeds I threw out of the flowerbed. What a good helper!

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