Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Last One Leaves the Nest

It's a time of big change for our family. My brother is officially entering a chosen career field. He's off to Austin this weekend to begin training at the DPS academy. He's due to graduate at an undetermined date in September. We're all very proud of him & wish him nothing but success. Mom's taking this pretty hard. The baby is officially fledging. I think this is a difficult transition for any mother. You want to see your kids grow up, leave, and succeed on their own. But the process is never an easy one. Add to that an impending wedding upon his graduation, and you have a recipe for motherly tears...and lots of them.

All in all, it will be six months of serious change for David. Training will be one of the most difficult, if not the most difficult, things he's done to date. Being a peon will be something new for him. Even more new will be being reminded daily of just how much of a peon he really is. I'm not sure I would want someone screaming in my face about how much of a scum I am. Been there, done that, have the jacket to prove it. It's certainly a character builder though. And while he already possesses a lot of character, this will develop an untapped side. Upon graduation, he'll be getting married to his girlfriend of four years. Then, the two of them will promptly move to his first assignment, which could be some God-forsaken part of West Texas...away from family and friends...but could be as close as Greenville or Rockwall. Yep, it will be an interesting six months for my baby brother. God be with you!

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