Tuesday, March 14, 2006

And the Schedule Begins to Fill

The weekend was busy with things house-related. My Saturdays are generally spent cleaning house and doing laundry. But with the advent of an early spring comes an earlier need to do yardwork. Derek and I spent Friday and Saturday doing just that. The bermuda is already beginning to come in, along with every weed known to the Southern lawn! I'm usually one step ahead of the pesky buggers, but they snuck up on me this year. I think the mild winter aided in their early arrival in full force. But they're all done now. The yard is greening up nicely, which hopefully should choke out any weeds that consider a come-back. The flowerbeds and shrubs also desperately needed attention. Each got a good cleaning, pruning, fertilizing, and watering. All in all, we're ready for the full onset of spring.

This week is busy for me. Tonight, I had a voice lesson. It went very well, and the muscle recovery is coming along. Janette was impressed with the progress. My NATS pieces are coming along, too, though I really should have been committing them to memory much sooner. Procrastination always comes to bite you! I scheduled two auditions today and have one more to schedule tomorrow. They fall very close together--April 3rd, Dallas Opera; April 9th, Garland Summer Musicals; and April 15th, WaterTower Theatre. Thankfully, my NATS pieces and some dusty pieces provide the repertoire so it's not starting from scratch. Still, with a busy Lenten schedule, making time for extra rehearsal is difficult at best. I hope I do well. There's nothing worse than disappointing yourself. Tomorrow's church, Thursday's Chorale, Sunday's a NATS rehearsal. Sing, sing, sing. Yep, that's all I do.

I do have a unique opportunity for the summer. An acquaintance, and student of Janette's, is the paid soprano soloist at her church and has been for the last 29 years. In that 29 years, she has missed very little and has taken very few long vacations. Janette mentioned to me a few weeks ago the possibility of filling in for Marilyn should she decide to take some time off. Now that she's retired from her day job and her husband is likewise, they would like to do some traveling. As of this week, she has asked for a hiatus over the summer. Janette told me today that she had mentioned me to the choir director--that I would be an ideal substitute for Marilyn. I'm planning to call Terry tomorrow to get more details and see what steps need to be taken. Since this is just temporary and it will occur when my church choir usually takes a hiatus of its own, I do not feel too bad about deserting my own church for the summer. We'll see how it works out.

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Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Sus, the church soloist opportunity sounds great! So glad your voice is getting better with no lasting damage.