Friday, February 17, 2006

Much-needed Long Weekend's Friday. Ever have a week where it feels like every day just creeps by? I've found this particularly true when a holiday approaches, like this weekend. It's a good thing Monday is a holiday because I have a busy weekend ahead!

Tomorrow, I get to sleep in a little later and then have a much-needed, albeit long, rehearsal for a quartet I sing with at church. We've not had a rehearsal since Christmas. So it's time to pull out new music for the new year. Rehearsal will be longer than usual because we'll be sightreading a piece the chancel choir may do for Easter (Haydn's Te Deum). Afterwards, I'll dash home to get things ready for the congratulations/going away party we're throwing for my brother. Sunday's the usual. Monday's full of appointments and errands.

Of course, this entire schedule depends on the weather, which began changing yesterday about 6 p.m. The front moved in with 60 mph winds all evening. Got up to 36 F this morning, which is the high for today (and the remainder of the weekend, in fact), and a lighter wind (20-30 mph). Rain is expected to move in this afternoon and will hang around through Sunday. Bridges and overpasses are expected to freeze, but accumulation on the ground is not anticipated as it's been in the 70s & 80s this week. We'll see.

It will be a great weekend for hot chocolate and comfort foods.


Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Almost all of our snow is melted and it was in the mid-50's here yesterday - how quickly weather changes!

My mom is in San Antonio this weekend for Texas Music Educator's Conference - she said they are wearing sandles and capris. :) Ah, Texas!

Be careful on the road and have fun with your singing. I'm glad your Valentines Dinner went well - sounds like fun. It's always nice to have an excuse to get out your pretty dishes. :)

Susan said...

You know how TX weather is...just wait a minute & it might be just right. Considering the current temps, I'm a little more than envious of your mom!