Sunday, February 19, 2006

Ice Skating Anyone??

Well, the rain finally got here...a fine, drizzling mist all night long. So what did that mean? Quite a treacherous drive to church. All of the news stations made a big to-do out of the threatening weather yesterday when it wasn't doing ANYTHING. What did they say about the weather & roadways this morning? Absolutely nothing useful!!! "Bundle up. It's a cold one. The roads are fine, but be careful on bridges & overpasses." Well, duh, I knew that would be the case. What they didn't say was that there was a fine layer of ice over every major roadway and the bridges had a good inch of the slick stuff. I shouldn't have gotten out to drive the 30 min to church. Those roads were more than a little slippery. My dad would say that I have more brains than sense, and today, he would be right. But all's well that ends well. Made it to & from church just fine. And Derek made it back and forth to Greenville twice for two separate cases.

Now that we're home, we'll leave the road skating to the fools who think the roads are passable. We're now all snuggled in for a night in front of the tube and a holiday tomorrow. What will we do with a day off together? ;)

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