Monday, February 20, 2006

Driving 101

Drivers in N. Texas are stupid when it comes to cold weather & the driving issues it brings with it. Take, for instance, my drive to the dr's office this morning. Ordinarily, it takes me about 35 min to drive across town the "back way" when I avoid freeways. Since temps didn't get above freezing yesterday, I knew I would need to go the back way in order to make my early morning appointment. I left early, allowing time for a little slow-moving traffic. I did NOT anticipate it taking me 45 min just to get out of Rowlett! People were literally driving less than 5 mph across the bridges. Now, they were a little icy (though not like they were Sunday), but really, 5 mph?????

Then you get the people who think that, because it's cold and the bridges are icy, they should drive at a snail's pace on every street and highway...even the ones that are completely dry and nowhere near a bridge.

Aside from the early morning commuting frustrations, it's been a productive day. Made both of my appointments and now have the afternoon to enjoy. Probably ought to tackle the laundry I neglected this weekend. And I definitely need to put in some practice time. Think I'll do that while Derek is gone making a delivery for work. Supper's in the crockpot, so it's smooth sailing the rest of the evening.

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